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Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing

Many years ago before the internet was such an important part in our everyday lives. Business owners had a very different approach to marketing and promoting their brand.

Digital marketingThe costs involved in promoting any brand to a large audience was very expensive and time consuming. Just think what would have been involved in producing a simple T.V. commercial or mailing out thousands of flyers. Yes traditional marketing is still a very important element in any companies marketing strategy. However digital marketing has leveled the playing field. Almost anyone can create a digital marketing campaign, but the internet has also created many new problems for marketing professionals.

While newer digital marketing techniques work and can grow a company’s client base, totally replacing traditional marketing with only digital marketing methods can prove risky. It goes without saying that traditional marketing methods have a high success rate and are proven.

Traditional marketing can be difficult to accurately measure, for example – if you were to do a traditional mail out marketing campaign how would you know who opened and read your flyer? In comparison an email marketing campaign (Electronic Direct Marketing campaign). You can see who opened your email, how many times it was opened, what links were clicked etc.

Yes internet marketing has made it easier and cheaper for companies to execute their marketing campaigns. But it has also flooded the population with millions of marketing messages resulting in people becoming less responsive to marketing communications.

So now days the challenge is to try and standout from the noise, to achieve that a professional digital marketing company is well worth investigating.


The rise of digital marketing channels

Digital Marketing Services

Professional digital marketing services has become an important investment for brand development.digital marketing services

The brand that stays in front of the digital marketing curve is the brand that succeeds. Gone are the days when marketing was totally dedicated to traditional marketing methods.

Over the last ten or more years, the rise of digital marketing channels, the growth of social media, and growing ease of access to the internet has combined to make digital marketing unavoidable for brands.

DLM Marketing has put together the following seven digital marketing tactics which are essential ingredients for every digital marketing mix.

Paid online digital ads

By using paid ads you will give your brand that added visibility that’s necessary in today’s digital marketplace. Keep in mind that your online advertising budget does not need be large for the benefits to be directly noticed.

With several social media sites boasting huge worldwide coverage and millions of daily active users, it makes sense to advertise on these platforms with targeted digital marketing campaigns. Most of these platforms offer advertising, letting digital marketers reach a substantial database of targeted consumers.

Social media sites have developed as strong competitors in terms of digital advertising spends for many companies. The online advertising and digital marketing mix is divided between Facebook ads, Twitter ads, and advertisements on YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and other social networks.

Email marketingemail-marketing

Don’t use email marketing to push promotional messages to thousands. Use email marketing carefully to attract people with exclusive offers and entitlements. Make recipients feel special, not agitated.

Specialised software, such as Mail Chimp, can help you compose effective email marketing campaigns. Whether you want to create email lists, personalise messages for your audience, or even track conversions from every link in the email, these easy-to-use digital marketing tools make the job simple.

From the smallest business to the biggest corporation, modern-day email marketing platforms give you a complete solution for your communications needs.

Social media

Any brand that has not integrated social into their digital marketing strategy is simply missing the boat. Today’s consumers are more likely to be found on social media platforms than they are say watching TV ads, scanning the yellow pages, or reading the classifieds. On mainstream social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you have a captive audience.

Community management

The craving to network with other people and share views, opinions and overall experiences is a universal human quality. That’s why communities have traditionally formed, and have since moved online from the offline world.

With the increase of online communities of interest, many companies inspire their most dedicated fans to help them promote their products and services through online channels, to achieve more visibility. That’s when community management tools can help marketers to reach out and communicate with these individuals, perhaps incentivising the engagement with contests and prizes.

Online forums

Ever since the growth of Web 2.0, interactivity has become a foundation of life on the Internet. Today’s online forums are a digital equal of the town squares of the past, where residents would once gather to talk and debate. Leverage those online spaces to insert your brand into the public conversation. Don’t shy away from difficult conversations that are relevant to your brand. Join in on the conversation and position your brand as a thought-leader and influencer in the space.

The all-important follow up

There’s an ever-present danger in the age of strategic Hootsuite scheduling and automated responses that customer communication loses its spontaneity and, quite frankly, its humanity. Don’t just leave it to your digital systems to handle customer relations. Follow up personally on the engagement that starts online.

Did you know that one out of three leads are never even called? We live in a busy time filled with distractions and obligations. Leads don’t always convert without a little encouragement. Follow up with customers to remind them about your brand and make them feel personally welcome within your brand community.

With a CRM like Salesforce, you can track every interaction you have with a customer. When they make a purchase or become a lead, follow up with them immediately – don’t hesitate. Let the customer know that you appreciate their business.

Guest posts

Talking about yourself, on your own platform is fine. But self-promotion can only get you so far in the digital world. If you want to command full authority and respect from your target online community, you need endorsements from others in the online space.

One easy way to achieve those endorsements and word-of-mouth promotion is to secure guest posts on other brands’ online real estate. Become an authoritative voice in your field by demonstrating that your peers acknowledge and respect your insights and ideas.

More than ever, digital marketing works hand in hand with traditional marketing tactics to deliver beneficial brand outcomes. The tactics outlined above are merely a starting point from which you can flesh out a more comprehensive and customised digital marketing strategy for your brand.