Communication strategies

Communication strategies

Communication strategies

Good marketing communication strategies are important when developing and growing brand awareness. Your target market and potential consumers will automatically interpret marketing messages, product info and develop opinions about your product’s qualities and its position within the market sector. Marketing communication is also an important tool for your existing client base, and to strengthen relationships with your customers and suppliers.

You must have a clear objective when developing a marketing communication strategy. It is common for business owners and managers to approach DLM Marketing if they don’t know how to create business or marketing objectives other than “I want more leads or I want more business.”  All business and marketing objectives need to be carefully and thoroughly planned out for you marketing investment to be effective.

Some things you may want to consider when developing marketing objectives:

  • Is your marketing communication strategy for a new product or a re-launch of an existing product you may have improved?
  • Is your marketing communication strategy required to attract new customers?
  • Is your marketing communication strategy directed towards existing customers?

It is important to structure your message correctly. All too often, business owners and managers fail to convey what they are attempting to say with their messages due to poor word choices. If you are not experienced in writing headlines, or sales copy, then you should consider contracting DLM Marketing’s copywriting services.

Developing communication strategies

Developing a communication strategy can be a complex task. If you are planning to tackle this task with or without professional assistance, your strategy should contain a creative brief that includes the following key points:

  • Background information about your company, product, service or cause
  • Information about your target market
  • Any brand characteristics or promises
  • A competitor analysis
  • Your business or marketing objectives
  • Your offer
  • Call to action
  • How to measure success
  • Supporting data or research
  • Approval process
  • Timeline for project
  • Budget

DLM Marketing can help you develop a marketing communication strategy that uses one or more components to circulate your company’s message. A professional marketing communication strategy will increase your company’s chances to accurately transmit your product’s benefits, and have your message positively received by your target market.