Communication strategies in a noisy market

Communication strategies in a noisy market

Communication strategies

Let’s face it – communication strategies are not as simple as they once were. The digital marketing revolution has changed the way companies market themselves. Every time you turn on a computer, tablet or mobile phone you are bombarded with marketing messages.  It does not matter what website you are visiting, it is almost impossible to avoid advertising.

So has the digital marketing revolution altered communication strategies?Communication strategies

Without a doubt it has impacted the way marketing professionals need to structure communication strategies.  People are becoming less and less influenced by traditional communication strategies. The reason for this is that there is so many marketing messages being pushed towards people that they have now developed the ability to ignore most of them.

Anyone running their own business can access multiple free tools to market their business online. There are email marketing tools, do it yourself drag and drop websites, social media, Google AdWords and the list of options and tools available is endless. This is one of the reasons the digital marketing revolution has increased the number of digital marketing campaigns.

DIY digital marketing

This is the scary part of all this DIY digital marketing. DLM Marketing employ professional, formally educated marketing professionals.  All work gets checked by both myself and Laura for quality before our customers receive it. Yes it may sound like this is just a sales pitch but the reason I have pointed this out is that a professional has the ability to develop a clear communication strategy that will work without fringing on any acts such as the trade practices act or spamming act.

A poorly designed and executed digital marketing campaign will most likely have little to no affect, or worse, land you in hot water with the law.

If you are still keen on saving some money and doing your own digital marketing campaigns, DLM Marketing suggests that you spend a little bit and get some advice first or allow us to provide you with a good clear communication strategy which you can mould your marketing material around.

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