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Let DLM Marketing show you how email marketing can help your business grow.

At DLM Marketing we have been running email marketing campaigns for multiple companies for many years and we have discovered a few simple methods that improve the response rate from them.  There is a growing attitude towards email marketing that it’s not effective and can be considered to be annoying. However email marketing remains the second biggest way to acquire new customers, after organic search. Email marketing helps you keep your business at the forefront of consumer minds and offers an opportunity for follow-up, which can lead to an increase in sales. Email marketing also increases referrals and builds strong relationships with potential and current customers.email marketing

If you’re NOT using email marketing in your business, then you’re missing out on an extremely valuable opportunity to market your business. Customers like to receive emails from trusted companies, and will generally open them. With so many eyeballs on your message, how could you afford to give up email marketing?

What you need to provide us

DLM Marketing can do the design and execute your email marketing campaign but we will need a few things from you. Prior to commencing on designing your email we will contact you for a few things. Some of the things we will need from you include:

  • Text content for the email campaign, this can be provided in point form
  • Images / photos

What our email marketing service involves

Depending on the size of your email list we can recommend a third party company such as Mailchimp or futuremail to deliver your email campaign to your customers. Our service includes the following:

  • Email design
  • Management and execution of your campaign
  • Report provided after campaign has been executed. We normally allow up to 3 working days before drafting this report.

Please note: Our fees do not include the costs incurred from third party providers.

Email campaigns from $240.00 +gst