Marketing plan

Marketing plan

Marketing plans have evolvedMarketing Plan

Many years ago marketing was reasonably straight forward and simple.  You would decide on your company’s objectives and create a marketing plan designed to achieve your goals.  Once the marketing plan was finalised that would be the company’s main focus of direction for the next few years.

Now day’s managers need to be more diverse when it comes to planning marketing strategies.  Yes managers and business owners still need to set clear objectives for their business but a marketing plan needs to be flexible so it can be adapted as new marketing practices are discovered.

It is common for businesses to have more than one marketing plan to help cope with multiple marketing channels.  For example you could have a traditional marketing plan, digital marketing plan and a social media marketing plan.

DLM Marketing plan

When DLM Marketing provide marketing strategies for clients we normally integrate all forms of marketing into the single marketing plan. The key to good marketing is well put together and achievable business objectives.  When you are deciding on what you want to achieve its best to set your target within range.  DLM Marketing has come up with these five points you should use as a guide when considering you goals and objectives.

  • Keep each goal clear and simple.
    DIY marketing plans

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  • Be specific.
  • Be realistic.
  • Don’t be afraid to push yourself and think big.
  • Make sure that your goals are in sync with your mission.

Gather all the information you need. Effective marketing strategies depends on a complete and accurate understanding of your market, your customers, your financial situation, and your business environment.

If you don’t have a current plan it is something you should consider.  You can download a DIY marketing plan template for free from us or we can provide you with a price to do it for you.

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