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DLM Marketing’s brochure designing services starts from $195.00+gst

What our professional brochure design service includesBrochure-Design

Professionally designed brochures for your company will help you to increase sales and strengthen your company’s identity.

DLM Marketing’s approach to designing brochures usually involves an initial discussion to find out what the purpose of the brochure is and any other details that we need to know to design your brochure. Once we have all the details from you we will draft up a design brief for you to review and sign off on. Once the design brief has been finalised we can have your print ready design to you normally within a few working days.

Additionally we will supply you with a web optimised copy of your brochure that you could upload to your website or send to customers via email.

Please contact us with your requirements so we can provide you with a detailed competitive quote.


What you need to consider before designing your own brochure

If you’ve ever received a quote from a graphic design company, and sat looking at the screen, a low whistle escaping you, wondering incredulously how people afford to market their businesses.  you have probably also considered just doing your own design! The most common corporate printed material (after business cards) is the company brochure – it’s a necessity for many businesses.

It can be attractive to think that if you design a brochure yourself it will save you money. However In reality, the DIY process has its own hidden costs that you may not have
considered! These include:

  • The cost of purchasing graphic design software
  • The lost productive hours in learning the software and producing the brochure for printing
  • The cost of ink cartridges/toner in self-brochure printing
  • The possibility of needing to review the design as the company grows
  • The cost involved in buying a printer that is up to the required standards, as well as decent quality paper

Besides the knowledge of what your company does, there are quite a few skills needed for brochure design.

The skills you’ll need to acquire to design a professional looking brochure include:

  • Skill in structuring copy
  • Graphic design principles
  • Perfect English grammar and spelling
  • Use of graphic design software
  • Knowledge of convincing marketing words

The end product may look great but it is highly possible that your end DIY product won’t.

Any company brochure should strengthen your company’s brand. Even more than your business card (which will be used mainly in B2B situations), a printed brochure is often the main physical point of contact for your customers when they are considering your products or services. It is vital that it be professional, attractive, and say everything that you need it to in a compelling way.