Business photography


Business photography

DLM Marketing works with a network of professional photographers that specialise in a diverse range of photography styles. It is important that you choose the right photographer for your photo shoot. When deciding on a photographer you must understand that photography is much more than just picking up any camera, and taking photos. Taking a photo is only about one third of a photographers job, they will also review and edit captured images to provide you with the perfect image to market your business.

Photography knowledge

When interviewing a potential photographer you should ask them to explain their credentials to you. Beware that this is an unregulated industry so you need to be sure you are hiring a professional and not someone that does photography as a hobby. Make sure your photographer understands the rules of composition.  A photographer who has limited knowledge may be able to capture images in one particular setting, however, a photographer with a true understanding will be able to evaluate almost any scenario and be able to correctly expose the subject or setting.

Photography equipment

Yes it’s a lot cheaper to hire a friend or a family member to capture your images with their reasonably expensive DSLR, but be aware by doing so you run substantial risk of losing your day or event forever should their equipment fail. A professional photographer knows how to back up data and will ensure that their equipment is well maintained. A professional photographer will have back up cameras, lighting equipment, diffuses, lens filters etc. A photographer must be hired with only one goal in mind and that’s to capture only the finest images possible.


Your professional photographer has standards to uphold and because a professional photographer has standards to uphold, you are guaranteed that the main focus and goal of your hired photographer remains obtaining the best images possible.  To do so again falls back on experience as well as equipment.

Post Production

What format does your photographer use when taking your photos? Camera settings and file type are very important to the quality of the images you will get. The only acceptable format is in RAW. If a photographer tells you they take use jpg settings, he or she is limited in the extent of their post-production editing, which impacts the quality of your photos.

With regards to Professional Photography, you get what you pay for!  Inexperienced, non-professional photographers will often make several critical errors. DLM Marketing can help you in sourcing the right photographer to suite your requirements.