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Professional marketing company

Regardless of what product or service your business offers you should seek advice and guidance from a professional marketing company for the following points:

  • Business plan
  • Market research
  • Marketing plan (FREE DIY TEMPLATE)
  • Branding strategy
  • Marketing mix

DLM Marketing has put together numerous articles that can help you if you wish to attempt your own marketing. However we would strongly recommend getting some professional marketing guidance before you start.

The advantages of a professional marketing company

  • Looking for help from a professional marketing company will save you time and your business will profit. Additionally by hiring a professional marketing company you can concentrate on the products or service you are offering while a professional marketing company is building your brand and market reach.
  • You have access to a range of professionals. A professional marketing company is not just made up of one person they normally comprise of digital designers, copywriters, web developers etc.
  • Professional marketing companies already have the latest software used to produce essential marketing material.  The cost of purchasing and learning software packages would exceed the costs of hiring a professional marketing company.
  • Subcontracting or outsourcing to a professional marketing company means you will get an outside angle. One of the scariest things a business can say is, “We’ve always done it that way.” That phrase leads to sure-fire stagnation if not complete decay.

The question, isn’t if you can afford an experienced marketing company, but rather how much are you costing yourself in time, money and lost opportunity by trying to do your own marketing.

Professional marketing services

Tailored marketing solutions

DLM Marketing is a Brisbane based, professional marketing consultancy. What we like to do is tailor marketing services to suit your needs and budget. We do have services listed here on our website however DLM Marketing is not like other marketing companies. The difference is that we will work with you and create a custom marketing solution designed to achieve your businesses objectives.

With real world knowledge and vast experience in multiple industries, we guarantee in depth, professional services that are tailored to your needs. We cover everything from strategic marketing plans, graphic design, business plans, event management to error free website development, SEO packages and SEM recommendations. The DLM Marketing approach is all about ensuring that each element of your business marketing, online presence and traditional advertising is executed as a part of an overall marketing and business growth strategy.

DLM Marketing and digital design professionals

There are multiple opinions on what marketing actually is. Most business owners and managers when asked to define marketing, will give a definition relating to sales or advertising, however such responses are not correct. There is so much more to good marketing than just sales. Probably the simplest way to define marketing would be:

“Marketing is about getting the correct product or service and the precise quantity, to the right people, at the right time and making a profit in the process”.

Marketing is about finding and understanding your target market and offering customers what they want.

Effective professional marketing is a result of investigating every aspect of your business and how it affects the consumer’s end experience. Marketing covers everything you’ll need to do in order to deliver your products and services to the consumer including market research, planning, pricing, packaging, promotion, selling and distribution.

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Download your free DIY marketing plan template and guide now!

DLM Marketing has put together a free easy to follow DIY marketing plan template and guide.  You can download it from us for free and potentially save yourself thousands by creating your own professional marketing plan.  If you get stuck or need some advice with anything at all while working on your marketing plan please don’t hesitate to contact us.

DIY marketing plans