Product launches

Product Launches

Product launches

Are you looking to launching a new product or service? Make sure that you have done your market research so you can decide exactly how you plan to promote your new product or service. Product launches are best left to the professionals unfortunately every day, countless new product and service ideas are considered but never eventuate simply because they’re not correctly conveyed to market. DLM Marketing can carefully guide you through the process that will help you successfully bring your new products or services to market.

Research your competition. Even if you think your new product or service is completely unique, it’s important to put yourself in your prospective customers’ shoes and imagine what they might buy instead of what you plan to offer.

Target the ideal customer. These may be customers who are currently buying something similar and will appreciate the additional features your new product or service provides.

Create a unique value proposition. Do you know why customers will want to buy from you vs. the immense field of competitors out there? What benefits and features will you provide that your potential customers will value most? The bottom line is that the product or service you are offering ought to be unique and meet the requirements and desires of your target market.

Define your marketing strategy and tactics. Generally, multichannel marketers achieve the greatest success. You might choose traditional direct marketing plus online sales as your primary channels, and employ tactics including direct-response TV spots and online ads and e-mail solicitations that link to your website.

Know your product’s lifecycle. The campaign you use during the introduction and education phase of your product or service launch will need to be updated as your product or service matures. If you’re checking your marketing effects carefully, you’ll begin to see fading returns that will point out when it’s time to review the product or service itself, adjust your media message, or even level out this particular offering and lay the groundwork for the launch of your next great idea.