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professional marketing company

Professional marketing company

Research conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics discovered that more than 60 percent of small businesses will fail within the first three years of starting up.  It’s an overwhelming exercise starting a new business, there are so many reasons why a new business could fail.

One reason a business can fail is due to poor marketing you must understand how important it is to get your marketing and branding strategy organised before you start trading.  Unfortunately with the internet most new business owners will attempt to market themselves.  They might use a simple drag and drop website builder, create a small social media network and maybe get some flyers printed out. Which is all good but most drag and drop website builders will limit what you can do. Particularly if you do not have knowledge of back end coding.  The site is also going to lack some very important SEO essentials.

Seeking advice from a professional marketing companyprofessional marketing company

Regardless of what product or service your business may offer you should seek advice and guidance from a professional marketing company for the following points:

  • Business plan
  • Market research
  • Marketing plan (FREE DIY TEMPLATE)
  • Branding strategy
  • Marketing mix

DLM Marketing has put together several articles that can help you if you wish to do your own marketing.

The advantages of a professional marketing company

  • Seeking help from a professional marketing company will save you time and your business will benefit. By hiring a professional marketing company you will get to concentrate on the product or service you are offering while the marketing company is building your brand.
  • You get access to a range of professionals. A professional marketing company is not made up of one person they normally comprise of digital designers, copywriters, web developers etc.
  • Professional marketing companies already have the latest software used to produce essential marketing material.  The cost of purchasing and learning software packages would exceed the costs of hiring a professional marketing company.
  • Outsourcing to a professional marketing company means you will receive an outside perspective. One of the scariest things a business can say is, “We’ve always done it that way.” That phrase leads to surefire stagnation if not complete decay.

The question, isn’t if you can afford an experienced marketing company, but rather how much are you costing yourself in time, money and lost opportunity by trying to do your own marketing.

professional marketing company


The Media and Australian Politics

The Media and Australian Politics

The media is a key foundation in any political system. While it does not have the formal status of other institutions, such as the constitution federalism and the parliament, it nevertheless, like political parties, plays an integral part in the practice of politics. This is because it is the major source of political information for most people. Few of us participate directly in political activities. We are not members of political parties, we do not go to public meetings, and we rarely, if ever, communicate with our political representatives.

Most of us learn about politics, about the performance of politicians, the actions of government departments and agencies, and the activities of interest groups, from television, radio, newspapers and from the internet. This communication is not a one-way process because politicians also learn about the communities’ concerns and aspirations through the mass media. Beyond acting as a communications link between governments and politicians and the people they serve, it is also important to remember that the media is a political player in its own right, helping to set the political agenda.

What, then, determines the media’s role in politics?

Media is, in the first instance, big business. The major media corporations number amongst the biggest organisations in the world. They are businesses which depend largely on advertising to generate revenue and their ability to attract advertisers depends on the size of their audiences or readers. Bigger audiences translates into higher advertising rates, and this, in turn depends on providing material which appeal to the audiences that advertisers most want to reach. But the media is “not just another business”. Historically, it has embraced the role of “watchdog”, charged with the responsibility of monitoring politicians, scrutinising government activities, and identifying failings on behalf on the public. To fulfill this role, it has often demanded, and received, privileged access to the political players and laws to protect free speech. For many therefore, a free press, is a hallmark of democracy.