Marketing industry – damaged unregulated business

Marketing industry – damaged unregulated business

Marketing industry

There are many unregulated industries and marketing is one of them. Basically anyone can pay to have a website built or use a drag and drop CMS and have their own marketing or SEO Company up and running.

When I talk about regulated industries I’m referring to industries that require you to be licenced or have formal qualifications to perform certain services. An example of a regulated industry is medical services, you would hate to be taking medical advice from someone pretending to be a qualified GP.

Professional marketing service

DLM Marketing is a professional marketing company both myself and my business partner have formal qualifications.  We share the same qualifications which include Bachelor degrees in Marketing solutionsbusiness, ecommerce, marketing and a Master degree in digital design. Not only have we done the hard yards and gained the appropriate qualifications we have been working in the marketing industry for many years. So we are not cowboys and yes DLM Marketing does provide a true professional marketing service.

People that decide to go into business without obtaining the necessary skills hurt the reputation of the entire industry. We have been told some real horror stories from multiple clients about dealings with rogue marketing companies in particular SEO companies.  Unfortunately it creates a trust barrier which is not good for our industry.

The way DLM Marketing likes to operate is very transparent:

  • You will know exactly what work we are performing for you
  • We will provide you with enough information so you understand the science behind and professional marketing services offered
  • Yes you’ll be talking to the actual people doing the work for you
  • All work gets checked by both myself and my business partner for quality
  • Your initial consultation is FREE!
  • We won’t sell you something we believe you don’t need
  • We won’t lock you into a contract

Basically DLM Marketing is a professional marketing company which is why we are able to provide clients with exactly what they need to make their business grow.  Stay away from marketing companies that only offer standard packages.  Each business is different and so are their marketing requirements.

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