Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing

Many years ago before the internet was such an important part in our everyday lives. Business owners had a very different approach to marketing and promoting their brand.

Digital marketingThe costs involved in promoting any brand to a large audience was very expensive and time consuming. Just think what would have been involved in producing a simple T.V. commercial or mailing out thousands of flyers. Yes traditional marketing is still a very important element in any companies marketing strategy. However digital marketing has leveled the playing field. Almost anyone can create a digital marketing campaign, but the internet has also created many new problems for marketing professionals.

While newer digital marketing techniques work and can grow a company’s client base, totally replacing traditional marketing with only digital marketing methods can prove risky. It goes without saying that traditional marketing methods have a high success rate and are proven.

Traditional marketing can be difficult to accurately measure, for example – if you were to do a traditional mail out marketing campaign how would you know who opened and read your flyer? In comparison an email marketing campaign (Electronic Direct Marketing campaign). You can see who opened your email, how many times it was opened, what links were clicked etc.

Yes internet marketing has made it easier and cheaper for companies to execute their marketing campaigns. But it has also flooded the population with millions of marketing messages resulting in people becoming less responsive to marketing communications.

So now days the challenge is to try and standout from the noise, to achieve that a professional digital marketing company is well worth investigating.

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